MetaLine - Marine applications: Elastomeric coatings

MetaLine Series 700 - a leading rubber like Repair and Coating Technology for the protection of maritime vessels and equipment against erosion, cavitation, corrosion and wear. Far more resistant than epoxy-ceramic compounds and economically more attractive.

MetaLine Serie 700, HSM, Pump Volute Coating

Repair coating of a huge dredging pump by use of the elastomeric wear protective coating MetaLine 785

Metaline DEWA GRP Heavy Version Majestic

Metaline DEWA GRP Heavy Version Majestic

MetaLine - Pumps and Impellers - Erosion resistant coatings

One of MetaLine's technical footholds in the global markets: Erosion and cavitation resistant coatings for pump casings & pump impellers. Increase in lifetime, better degree of efficiency, and lower operation costs are just a few of the coating highlights. Enjoy the video and see one of the most light-weight wear protective systems being up to 25 % more abrasion resistant than Duplex steel!