Joints that are subject to extreme dynamic stresses require a long-lasting high strength elastic adhesive with good gap-filling capabilities. Sikaflex-292i, with its excellent shock-absorbing and vibration-damping properties, has been specially developed to meet these requirements in the punishing marine environment. When your safety may depend on it, only the best is good enough.


Acoustic Flooring

On board ships, there are several dominant sound and vibration sources like diesel engines, gearboxes and propellers that transmit these kinds of energy. As a consequence, floors are not only expected to be smooth and level, but to play a major part in noise and vibration suppression.

Sika offers a range of products each of which have a floor levelling and smoothing aspect as well as varying degrees of noise and vibration reduction properties in order to meet the requirements from both, ship owners and regulatory bodies.


Self-leveling compounds

To be able to give the applied carpets, vinyl, tiles etc. a perfect smooth look it is important that the underlayment has a smooth surface. This can be ensured by using the one-component, pumbable technology of self-levelling mortars from Sika. In addition to build other Sikafloor® systems, the Sikafloor® Marine self-levelling products can be applied on top of existing hard foundations such as concretes and steel.


Leveling compounds

Sikafloor® Marine levelling compounds are based on a one component pumpable technology from Sika. The solutions provide cost effective benefits for the shipyard and installation team in logistics, handling and time of installation. Sikafloor® Marine self-levelling and fast curing compounds can easily be mixed using only a handheld mixer or a pump. The levelling compounds can be trowelled and are as well suitable for slopes.


Floating floors

Sikafloor® Marine floating floor systems consist of a mineral wool layer on which either a non-combustible one-component fast curing compound or steel or alu plates are applied. These build-ups give maximum sound reduction and provide a high degree of comfort for the crew onboard the vessel. The Sikafloor® Marine floating floors are all a part of an A60 fire rated solution with building height of only 45 mm.


Visco-elastic floors

Sikafloor® Marine visco-elastic floors are a build-up with a visco elastic layer and a contrained layer applied on top. The contrained layer consists of a noncombustible one-component compound of Sikafloor® Marine or it can be steel or alu tiles. The Sikafloor® Marine visco-elastic product is a special two-component polyurethane or mortar, with only one purpose – to dampen the vibrations in the structure.

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