Engine Blocks, gear boxes, industrial presses, and hydroelectric turbines all require bore centerlines to be collinear. No matter what industry you are in, if your equipment has moving parts, chances are there are bores that simply must be in line for the machine to operate properly. It is common to find that bearing bores are worn from years of operation – even when the machine has been properly maintained. The simple fact is that well designed and properly maintained machines that operate day after day, year after year eventually need to be restored in order to operate properly.

  • IPM engineers will lay out our boring equipment to fit within the space constraints of a given job site, and work with customer representatives to identify and work around any obstructions that may be in the way. Engineers also design repair sleeves if necessary and order material.
  • Our experienced technicians will perform as-found inspections to assist the customer in making decisions relating to a particular repair. Often times this inspection will include precision optical alignment checks, roundness and concentricity inspections using micrometers, indicators, and surface finish inspections. If necessary the IPM Laser Tracker may be employed in order to obtain complicated data that traditional methods cannot provide.
  • Machining equipment is installed, aligned, and the bores are machined.
  • Repair bushings are installed by shrink fitting, mechanical fasteners, etc.
  • Machining equipment is re-installed and re-aligned and the repair sleeve bores are line bored and honed to achieve tight size tolerances or critical surface finish.
  • After line boring is complete, our technicians will again perform inspections and ensure that alignment and size specifications have been met.
  • In the end, bores are in line, and sizes have been restored.

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