MAJESTIC SHIPS & BOATS COMPONENTS TRADING LLC offers these services on a standalone basis to support a wide variety of troubleshooting and alignment issues encountered by customers who are facing the cause of failure while installing new equipment or reinstalling repaired equipment or simply suspect their equipment is out of alignment. Whatever and wherever the application should be done our technicians are ready to do the job with precision and speed.

Laser Alignment Applications

  • Shaft alignment (couplings)
  • Sheave/pulley alignment
  • Straightness
  • Shaft Line/Bore Alignment
  • Flatness
  • Plumb line

Laser Alignment Specifics

  • New building (shipping)
  • Alignment between propeller shaft and gearbox or main engine
  • Alignment of stern tube bearings
  • Alignment check on main bearing pockets or cam shaft on aux. engines or main engines

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